Division of Bank Management

Division of Bank Management


Division of Bank Management


The Division of Bank Management is an entity belonging to the Faculty of Banking of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city.

Members of the Division are active in teaching and researching and all posgraduated from well-known universities in Vietnam and abroad.


The Division comprises 7 members as below:

– Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRUONG Thi Hong, Head of Division

– NGUYEN Quoc Anh, MSc., Deputy Head of Division

– Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRAN Huy Hoang, lecturer

– Assoc. Prof. Dr. PHAM Van Nang, lecturer

– Assoc. Prof. Dr. TRUONG Quang Thong, lecturer

– NGUYEN Ngoc Han, MSc., lecturer

– NGUYEN Tu Nhu, MSc., lecturer


2.Brief introduction of courses under the Department’s responsibilities

Commercial Bank Management

The course provide general knowledges of commercial bank management including capital management, asset-liability management, liquidity management, credit management… to analyze and manage the major risks such as: credit risk, liquidity risk, interest risk and exchange rate risk,etc…

Central Banking

To help students understand the principal operations of central bank and to provide students with fundamental principles of monetary policies and instruments.

Bank Marketing

The course provides students with general knowledges on characteristics of bank marketing and bank environments and practical skills of analyzing bank customers’ behavour and characteristics. Student after this course can analyze factors influencing targeted markets of banks and understand principles and practical skills of bank marketing-mix policies.

Bank Accounting

The course specializes in accounting of commercial banks. It provides accounting knowledge about the whole banking operation from capital collecting to using bank assets.

Laws on Banking and Securities

After studying this course, students will be provided with general legal frameworks in the real activities of the banking and securities fields.

Money and Banking

This course provides basic knowledges about money, banking and some other related conceptions such as monetary policy, that can be used for further researches in monetary fields and banking operations.

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