History of FOB

An introduction to Faculty of Banking

–    Name: Faculty of banking (FOB)

–    Address: 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Ward 5, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

–    Phone: (08)3 8.530.561

–    Fax: (08)3 8.551.776

–    Website:

–    E-mail:

–    Year of Established: 1976

Overview of the historical development of the FOB

UEH launched the program for banking major on the base of the Faculty of Accounting, Finance, Banking in 1976. In 1996, due to the reorganization of the departments, the banking major belonged to the Faculty of Corporate Finance and Monetary Affair.

On October 15th 2003, the Decision No. 216 / QD- DHKT was signed to establish the Faculty of Banking based on the Monetary Affair Department of the Faculty of Corporate Finance and Monetary Affairs. The FOB offers training programs on finance – banking with two specialties, namely banking and stock exchange in many levels including full-time, part-time and second bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctoral degrees.

Since the establishment, FOB has gradually developed and become one of the faculties of high quality training and high graduation rates of the university. FOB has trained over 10,000 students, providing human resources and contributing significantly to the development of the banking industry. FOB has made some significant achievements as follows:

Activities of Youth and Student Unions

•    Won the First Prize in the UEH’s Art Performance for five continuous years

•    Won the First Prize in the UEH’s Athletic Competition over the years of 2006-2009

•    Contributed to the development of the electronic library of the Banking Faculty, website at, which is the first one established in social organizations of UEH.

•    Achieved the “Leading Flag” of the UEH for outstanding contributions to extra-curricular activities in the years of 2005-2006 and 2006-2007

•    The Youth Union and Student Union of the FOB were rewarded with the Certificates of Merits from the Central Youth Union and Central Students Union for four successive years

•    The Securities Club belonging to the Student Union achieved a Vietnamese Guinness Record on the Virtual Stock Exchange in 2006

Achievements of the Faculty

The Faculty members performed outstandingly the campaigns for the movement “Studying and working according to the exemplary virtues of President Ho Chi Minh” in the years of 2007, 2009 and 2010, achieving awards of the University, the Committee of Communist Party of the Universities and Colleges in 2010.

The divisions of Monetary Affairs, Bank Management, and Securities Business achieved awards for outstanding performance during the period of 2006-2011.

Every year, over 90% of lecturers won awards of the Faculty for teaching and 30% of lecturers won awards of the University and one lecturer won an award of the Ministry of Education.

In 2010 and 2011, the FOB was honored by its 11 lecturers winning the trophies of the Development of Banking Career, awarded by Mr. Nguyen Van Giau, the Governor of The State Bank of Vietnam.


Teaching staff


The number of staff members of the Faculty is 40 including 38 Lecturers and 2 Administration Officers, among whom 14 are males and 26 are females, and three visiting lecturers. Regarding the professional ranking and academic degrees, the faculty has 7 Associate Professors, 14 PhDs, 15 Masters and 9 lecturers who are currently studying the Masters programs domestically and internationally. In addition, there is the collaboration of Professors, Associate Professors, PhDs from the University of Banking as well as experts in Banking industry.


The Teaching Staff based on the factors related to their age, seniority, employment type, competence, and degrees, the FOB lecturers are considered to be sufficient and well-qualified for delivering the training programs in both two stages: introductory and specialized, meeting the students’ needs and society’s demand.




Categories of Teaching Staff




Percentage of PhDs









Associate Professors






Full-time staff members






Part-time staff members

Visiting lecturers












The training size


The FOB is one of the faculties which have the largest numbers of students of UEH. The Faculty provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in two main majors:


•    The Banking major covers 3 divisions namely Monetary Affairs, International Banking and Bank Management.


•    The Securities major covers 1 division namely Securities Business.


The Faculty is educating over 2,000 students pursuing full-time, part – time and second bachelor degrees. Additionally, the Faculty has educated over 200 masters-to-be and 25 doctoral students in the Finance and Banking major. The number of full-time undergraduate students is approximately 1000.

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