Chuỗi hội thảo nghiên cứu trong lĩnh vực Ngân hàng – Tài chính – Kinh tế (SOBSR#16)

Date/ Time






Nov. 03, 2016

10h00 – 11h30


Research paper

Monetary Policy Transmission in Vietnam: Evidence from a VAR Approach

Assoc. Prof. Vo Xuan Vinh,


Room B201,

279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Dist. 10, HCMC


Research Paper:

Monetary Policy Transmission in Vietnam: Evidence from a VAR Approach


 Author(s): Xuan Vinh, Vo1 and Phuc Canh, Nguyen

School of Banking, University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh city  


Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Vo Xuan Vinh   

Language: Vietnamese  



A thorough understanding of the transmission mechanism is a key requirement for central banks for successful implementation of monetary policy. This paper investigates the existence of the interest rate channel, exchange rate channel and asset price channel in Vietnam by employing a vector autoregressive model analysis using monthly data ranging from 2003M1 to 2012M12. The results from the analysis present evidence for a cost channel. However, we find no evidence for the existence of an exchange rate channel or asset price channel of monetary transmission in Vietnam.




Assoc. Prof. Vo Xuan Vinh graduated his PhD from University of New South Wales. Before returning back to Vietnam, he had many experience in lecturing and supervising at Sterling College, University of Western Sydney and University of New South Wales. At the University of Economics, HCMC, he teaches a wide range of subjects in fields of financial markets, banking, corporate governance, management and research methodology. He was one of the minor group at UEH who has the numerous international publications in high-ranking scientific journals.